Laser Therapy

How Laser Therapy Works

Photobiomodulation (PBM) the process in which a laser produces an impulse of light at a specific wavelength (600-980nm) to drive energy deep into a targeted area. This light penetrates tissue at desired depths and is absorbed by cells, triggering a biological process that releases natural, beneficial chemicals that aid in decreased inflammation and pain, while increasing circulation, cell repair and regeneration.

The FDA has cleared laser treatment for a myriad of chronic and acute pain symptoms. Laser treatment is regularly trusted for its beneficial effects far beyond pain reduction alone (in both medical and veterinary fields). Technological advancements now allow for fast, naturally effective and safe sessions with immediate benefits.

Cellular Effects of PBM

Within a single laser therapy session, the process of PBM floods treated cells with ATP, (adenosine tri-phosphate), one of the most used molecules in the body and critical to cell regulation and regeneration. Over multiple sessions, cell functionality increases, which helps in healthy tissue growth. As cells and tissues become healthier, entire systems, as well as the body as a whole becomes healthier.

Facts & Questions About Class IV Laser Therapy

We offer a wide range of Laser Treatment Packages:

10 Sessions $630
20 Sessions $1050
30 Sessions $1680

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